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Reshet Ramah. Alumni System and Community Engagement

Reshet Ramah. Alumni System and Community Engagement

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About Us

Reshet Ramah, the alumni and community engagement effort for the Ramah Camping motion, is thrilled to announce RamahDate, an on the web dating partnership with JDate for Jewish singles associated with Ramah. Very very very very Long linked to the establishment of suffering relationships and marriages, Camp Ramah will mate with JDate to supply Ramah alumni the chance to satisfy other Ramahniks on line. Ramah is invested in fostering strong Jewish marriages and hopes that this partnership with JDate will further their typical objectives for Jewish continuity.

Into The Press

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To learn more about Ramah Date within the press, follow this link.

1. What’s Ramah Date?

Ramah Date is a brand new on line dating site for Jewish singles connected to Ramah, produced via a partnership between Reshet Ramah and JDate (Spark Networks).

2. What’s a “Ramah Badge”?

When users finish their pages, a “Ramah Badge” will show indicating his/her status as a Ramah alumnus/a. This can allow users of both Ramah Date and JDate to find and filter for other people showing this badge.

3. Imagine if some body falsely claims to possess a Ramah affiliation?

Ramah is not able to confirm that someone who subscribes for Ramah Date is truly a Ramah alum. You are able that folks who’ve no affiliation with Ramah will enter information that is false get a Ramah Badge; it really is regrettably a well-known proven fact that users of online dating sites do offer false home elevators their pages. Ramah alumni utilizing this web web web web site will of course have to do their very own checking when fulfilling with individuals whom identify by themselves as Ramahniks.

Language on the site suggests that Ramah is certainly not accountable for misrepresentation of a claimant’s affiliation with Ramah.

4. Just what if I never ever went to a Ramah program or camp?

Regrettably, you are not eligible for a Ramah Badge if you never participated in a Ramah program. We nevertheless encourage one to subscribe to JDate and, when person in JDate, you are able to search and filter for other individuals who’ve the Ramah Badge.

5. Do we get a discount that is special price for Ramah Date?

The price is equivalent to the rate that is JDate which every once in awhile can sometimes include savings. Nevertheless, involvement in RamahDate will offer the Ramah Camping motion, with a percentage for the initial membership purchase being directed to Ramah camper scholarships.

6. exactly exactly exactly What I am already subscribed to JDate if I am a Ramah alumnus and?

Users that are currently subscribed to JDate should be able to access the Ramah Badge and include it with their pre-existing pages. They shall be in a position to filter making use of the Ramah Badge to look for other Ramah alumni. To incorporate a badge to your current JDate profile click right right right right here.

7. What’s the minimum age requirement to become listed on Ramah Date?

All people in Ramah Date must 18 or older. We h take the necessary steps to remove that user’s profile if we learn of or are notified of an active user under the age of 18.

Sponsors of Ramah Date

Julie and Marc Platt

Beth and Jeff Kopin

Lisa and Steven Tenzer


The nationwide Ramah Commission, Inc., and all sorts of Ramah camps, aren’t in charge of any misrepresentations created by RamahDate readers, including yet not restricted to affiliation with Ramah. Ramah alumni subscribing to RamahDate, just like all dating that is online, should do their particular testing whenever interacting with individuals who identify on their own as Ramah alumni.

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