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Beast Boy and Mento were proven to have both a challenging commitment

Beast Boy and Mento were proven to have both a challenging commitment


In Homecoming – parts 1 When creature child is using the Doom Patrol, really announced that Mento got some a poor impact towards him as he was actually always really rigorous with your. It was also revealed that anytime creature man produced the tiniest error or wouldn’t heed their orders such as for example whenever Mento ordered Beast kid to recapture Monsieur Mallah in addition to Brain while he rather mates, Mento harshly reprimanded him for these types of “foolishness”. It was mentioned that Mento’s harsh personality towards him is just why monster man leftover the Doom Patrol to begin with and Robin annoyed at Mento for his severe reprimand has actually remaining teenage Titans speechless.

It is revealed, however, that despite how it happened in past times, creature son nevertheless cares profoundly for their previous teammates while he had been determined discover all of them as he is sent an SOS information from Mento. But even after every decades, they’ve been aside, truly found that Beast guy and Mento continue to have unresolved dilemmas as Mento nonetheless treats Beast man like a child and scolds him harshly for perhaps not following his purchases of going following mind. While he’d simply spared the Titans and Doom Patrol’s physical lives from a falling strengthening using them still inside the house.

In “Homecoming – component 2”, when Mento bought Beast man to briefly come back to the Doom Patrol, Beast child wasn’t satisfied with how he had ordered the team around while he never believed issues through before-going into action. Monster man has also been angry as, one by one, he spotted each of the Doom Patrol customers being taken down by Brotherhood of wicked and Mento performed nothing to conserve them, but merely saying they must keep moving and concentrate only on goal. However, when Elasti-Girl had been damage during a battle and additionally they had been obligated to allow this lady, that has been whenever Beast guy had ultimately endured right up for himself against Mento. Creature child told your that there ended up being another way to end up being a hero and happens onto proclaim he never ever discovered it before because he was as well persistent to see they and that is whenever Mento ultimately began to appreciate Beast man. By the end associated with the episode, Mento and creature son are in possession of a much better union together as Mento sees monster child as an equal champion and no longer views your as a kid.


Elasti-Girl and Beast kid are demonstrated to have actually a tremendously near commitment together. Because the Doom Patrol is much like a family group to creature Boy, the guy sees Elasti-Girl as a mother to your as she got always defensive of him during fights and would usually capture each time however drop. Like the rest of the Doom Patrol people, Beast guy usually describes Elasti-Girl by Rita, the woman genuine label, and seldom phone calls this lady by the girl superhero label. Since Beast son and Elasti-Girl have a mother-son connection, she had not been merely defensive of him because he was a teammate or the youngest, but because monster Boy is a lot like a son to her (which may be as a result of possibility of their are this lady used son, as well as during the comics). She’d additionally usually stand-by creature man anytime Mento really was harsh with your or anytime he had been scolding your to make a mistake. As revealed in concern 22, “unexpected situations”, she and Mento would also go into fights on how Mento verbally disrespects creature man, showing she disapproved with the ways he previously handled monster Boy when he was still making use of the Doom Patrol. As a whole it is found that she and creature Boy encountered the closest commitment like Starfire.

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